Anniversario 60!

60th anniversary!

Its meaning “of Naty”. The year was 1963 and the Nathaniel family, dedicated to building a thriving business of importing fruit and raw materials from all over the world for the Italian industry, decided to found what today, to all intents and purposes, we can define as the iconic historic Italian fruit brand for Horeca, taking advantage of its know-how in the sector.

The 1963 almanac is full of compelling events, and it is not surprising that it was a year with so much to give to history: Naty's brings to mind the context in which it was conceived, telling what was happening in the world through the illustrations of Nausicaa Dalla Torre. dawn of its time and which will be published in a celebratory campaign on a monthly basis through sector magazines and social pages.

Son of the era of the economic boom, nourished by an atmosphere in which the Beatles made their debut, this brand embodies their values ​​with a mentality aimed at the future but above all with an avant-garde spirit that has allowed our country to discover flavors such as Grapefruit juice, Cranberry juice and taking Tomato juice to another level, which was very popular in the international scene at that time; however, there are different flavors that have been introduced to our palate under this name.

The 60s are considered a hotbed for the Cocktail era, they are in fact the years of the Bloody Mary, the Margarita, the Screwdriver and the Daiquiri that made Kennedy fall in love, whose death shocked the world that year. In 1963 the Piña Colada was officially born, and Naty's imported its Coconut Cream into Europe which is still considered a point of reference in its category today.
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