I succhi Naty’s diventano BIOartigianaliI

Naty's juices become ORGANIC

MILAN – May 2021 – And it's spring in every sense at Naty's with the launch of the new line of organic artisanal juices with an eco-sustainable impact for a result that is anything but conventional.

The flagship line of the historic Milanese company continues to follow the path of natural evolution; therefore the choice towards artisanal and organic production is a must, marking a return to the concepts of authenticity, and why not, of an increasingly lighter karma towards our planet.

Each era corresponds to an evolutionary need; it was not easy to maintain the very high standards that the company has always demanded from its raw materials. The new challenge took the Naty's team all over the world in search of the best organically grown fruit: it was years of research, because it was not a given to be able to maintain the same quality that Naty's guarantees with conventional production.

Naty's juices have not only become ORGANIC, but come from an artisanal process made up of small productions that start from freshly harvested fruit, thus transforming the juice into fruit to drink thanks to delicate processing.

This is a line designed to help venues reverse consumption numbers in the category, but above all to meet the favor of customers who will be able to consume high quality juices with an ecological and healthy character.

A change of substance therefore, but also of form curated by the creative designer Nausicaa dalla Torre di Milano, who supported the company's marketing for a result studied at 360° both in aesthetic and functional terms:

the pack is designed both for the optimal preservation of the fruit, in a 200 ml glass bottle, and for its ecological impact, with label and packaging in paper and cardboard, for a completely plastic-free result: a return to the origins, to authenticity and a respectful and sustainable impact on the environment.

Beautiful in name and in fact, they show off a very colorful and new livery, which does not forget to keep the historicity of the brand at the center thanks to the iconic red cap, which like an institution watches over corporate choices and approves them.

Pastry shops, large hotels and cocktail bars: the venues that choose the products of this company have always pursued the values ​​of distinction, quality and Italian style; the target therefore remains the aware consumer, for a line that simply evolves with them and their needs.


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