It is the expert hands of Charles Flamminio that light up the palates of visitors to the show, telling but above all demonstrating how even a single small drop can completely change the complexity of a cocktail, make it rich, spicy or simply add a new dimension.
The tradition is that of 18th century bitters administered as a remedy for stomach pain or indigestion, but optimizing the taste, so that they work best in cocktails. Today they are a wonderful tool for accentuating the flavor of a drink or cocktail.

With high-quality alcohol whose organic grain spirit is distilled 9 times, bitters accentuate specific flavors in a cocktail, such as sweetness or acidity, while giving depth and complexity, but can also tone down the flavor, depending how they are used.
This line was created with the aim of obtaining products without additives made only of organic herbs, fruit and spices and alcohol of the best quality: the choice of organic ingredients is dictated by the result found in the taste for an intense effect in the flavours, giving life to a deeper and richer experience with its 12 flavors including classic, spicy and fruity.
Born with art, fun and mixing in mind, the SEIERS bitters collection is made for bartenders, obtaining impressive feedback from the world of mixologists, without however imposing a specific method of use as it is versatile and free from categorical rules.
Organic and sustainable, they are packaged in 200 ml recycled glass bottles, designed to obtain an excellent grip and thanks also to the texture that allows easy handling even with wet hands.
The dropper, equipped with dosing lines, allows you to obtain a precise quantity, while an entire pipette corresponds to a spoon.
Soon at specialized distributors.

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