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Allspice Bitter ORGANIC Seiers

Allspice Bitter ORGANIC Seiers

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Allspice Bitter adds depth and richness to a cocktail. It can accompany many different tastes.

It pairs well with dark spirits such as whiskey, dark rum or spiced rum. When choosing fruit to work with, think about autumn. A perfect example is the pairing of pear with this Bitter: together they work very well. It also pairs perfectly with vanilla flavors and, in particular, Irish whiskey or Bourbon.

When dosed lightly, it brings out the dark flavors of a liqueur or syrup. If dosed more significantly, it establishes itself as a distinctive part of a cocktail, without overpowering its taste.

It's really cool, because it can do so many different things.

39.5% VOL - 200 ml bottle with dispenser

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