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Aromatic Bitter ORGANIC Seiers

Aromatic Bitter ORGANIC Seiers

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The most classic of all bitters is the aromatic, which is also the most famous and most used. It can be traced back to the dawn of bartending and will never cease to amaze.

Our aromatic bitter is a different version of the classic aromatic bitter: while JG Bökers is a deep and intense bitter, our aromatic bitter is lighter. It really adds flavor and complexity, while also bringing a lot of aroma to the nose.

Many intense flavors mix to make aromatic bitters become just that: aromatic. This blend works with almost any cocktail. Depending on the temperature, water and ingredients in the cocktail, the aromatic enhances different aspects of the cocktail and adds an almost indefinable additional layer.

A drop of this bitter in a cocktail gives the sense of smell a profound sense of spiciness. When used in the right way, it can improve many aspects of a cocktail. It takes 5 minutes to fall in love with aromatic bitters, but a lifetime to discover how many ways they can be used.

39.5% VOL - 200 ml bottle with dispenser

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