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Grapefruit Bitter ORGANIC Seiers

Grapefruit Bitter ORGANIC Seiers

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Grapefruit Bitter is fantastic, as the scent of grapefruit peel already makes you think of a bitter palate.

The bitter sensation of our citrus bitters also applies to Grapefruit Bitter, although it adds many different qualities to a cocktail. It is very rich despite being quite light - almost a contradiction in simple terms - but in fact it is so, because it brings out many different qualities depending on how it is used.

Playing with this ingredient in a gin & tonic immediately reveals its versatility: in a sweet version it adds a layer of fruit without being excessive. In a dry gin & tonic it brings out the bitterness and accentuates it. It is a bitter that goes with many things and can have a very different consistency depending on how it is dosed.

39.5% VOL - 200 ml bottle with dispenser

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