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JG Bökers Tribute Bitter BIO Seiers

JG Bökers Tribute Bitter BIO Seiers

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This is our interpretation of the classic digestive bitter. It is a bitter tribute to JG Böker, the man who created the most famous bitter of all time, Boker's Bitter, made famous by Jerry Thomas' "Bartenders Guide" as Bogarts Bitter.

This is not a reproduction of Boker's/Bogart's Bitter, but our version of the traditional digestif. It is extremely herbaceous and bitter. It is an aromatic bitter, but with a deeper bitter expression than our Aromatic Bitter, which is lighter and livelier.

We did extensive research on digestive bitters, both how they were produced in America and the different variations of European bitters. What ingredients were used and what, presumably, they were used for. We have come to conclude that this bitter is made for cocktails.

Used in cocktails it can give many results, both bitter and sweet. It's a very complex bitter, with lots of dark herbs and spices. A very distinct, full and, somehow, very ancient taste.

39.5% VOL - 200 ml bottle with dispenser

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