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Liqueur Grapefruit Bitter BIO Seiers

Liqueur Grapefruit Bitter BIO Seiers

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Licorice Bitters are just that: a strong flavor of licorice root with anise and many other complementary herbs and spices.

It's a bitter that has a broader reach than you might think. Since it has many smells and flavors, dose it gently until you get to know it and understand exactly what it can do. When added to a cocktail, there is a breadth in the aftertaste and a small amount of aroma.

Try preparing an Old Fashioned with Licorice Bitter, adding it before mixing or directly into the glass after pouring it: both give excellent results in two very different ways, but, if used correctly, it also goes well with particularly fruity cocktails.

39.5% VOL - 200 ml bottle with dispenser

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