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Rosemary Bitter ORGANIC Seiers

Rosemary Bitter ORGANIC Seiers

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Rosemary Bitter is a very herbaceous bitter.

It's a fantastic ingredient. It stands out in any cocktail and, regardless of the quantity in which it is used, it brings a lot of smell to the cocktail, but it also gives a lot of taste. There are similarities with rosemary used in cooking, but at the same time it can be used in a much more versatile way than you might think.

Rosemary has a very particular flavor and smell. When we started creating the bitters recipe we found that it goes really well with the earthy notes, but also with a lot of green spices which gives it a lot of notes to play with in different cocktails.

Very few drops go well with gin & tonic, especially if also garnished with rosemary. But it can give much more if you pair it with very alcoholic cocktails, effectively adding a new layer.

39.5% VOL - 200 ml bottle with dispenser

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